Producing safe, high-quality, and nourishing food is fundamental to our company’s very existence.

Food safety starts on the farm, where we have rigorous systems in place to cultivate organic products.

It continues at the processing plants, where we have strict in-house quality control system from Designing, cleaning, processing and packaging to final shipment of the products.

Our in-house Laboratory is fully equipped to test on all physical, microbial and chemical parameters, and under the Direct supervision of our dedicated team of professionals, which guarantees 100% organic food.

quality assurance

CO2 fumigation and steam sterilization

Our Products also undergo CO2 fumigation and steam sterilization under expert supervision and in a Highly controlled environment.

Besides, we also offer pesticide and micro-biological testing by Renowned labs like Eurofins SGS, Spice Board and Microchem.

We guarantee that our products will stand up to the toughest standards of the organic food industry And will meet the highest technical and food safety standards.