We offer a vast range of flexible packaging options while maintaining the organic
Integrity of the products. Whether it’s placing your own label on our containers or
Selling products in bulk, where you do your own packaging, in your own containers.
Choose the packaging that is right for your business!

Bulk Packaging from RK IND EXPORT PRO LTD

Bulk Packaging

For our Bulk buyers, we have the packaging options as the products are exported or imported in bulk only so these packaging solutions are specifically for Bulk or Wholesale purchase.

10kg/ 25kg / 50kg – HDPE Bag, Paper Bag, Vacuum Packaging, Jumbo Packaging & Box Packaging

Private Labeling

Widen your product portfolio by adding our organic products under your brand umbrella, which promotes stronger customer recognition and loyalty. We do white labeling for your, making it your very own organic food. Our packaging and labels are tailored to meet your specifications so that you have control over price, size, package design, and product distribution. With a strong partner like RK IND EXPORT PRO LTD you have the flexibility to make quick adjustments to your organic product portfolio based on customer’s changing preferences. We supply all our organic products in bulk quantities across the globe. We ensure that the packaged product is completely protected during transit hazards such as shocks, vibrations, drops and climate hazards. With us, you can be confident of receiving organic products of highest quality, at a very competitive price and in quantity that you desire. We assure you of our fast, efficient and reliable services at all times.

private packaging